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Summary Of Safety Advice.

safe rideBeing safe and teaching your children about safety precautions takes only a little time and effort but can make all the difference in the world to how an emergency is handled.

If you practice road safety, driving safety and follow the rules, you have a better chance of safe arrival.  Rules are in place to foster safety.  Bicycle riders and Motorcycle riders that share the road with regular motorists need to practice extra caution due to their extra risk of exposure. Safety equipment such as helmets and protective clothing should e used at all times. Keeping passengers and children safe in your vehicle is the responsibility of the driver and using caution and common sense can prevent most problems.  Use proper child seats, seat belts and airbag equipped vehicles whenever possible. Check the safety ratings of the items and vehicles that you buy.  Keep dangerous goods labeled and safely out of the reach of children.

Whether in your every day life or on vacation, if you’re using the water for sports and activities, practicing swimming and boat safety is going to protect you and your loved ones. Alcohol and drugs do not mix with driving, cycling or boating.  Pay attention to your children and be aware of your own skill level. When operating any type of machinery, ensure you’re feeling well and alert. Lifejackets or personal flotation devices (pfd’s) save lives.

Keep your vehicle and boat in good working order and if there’s a problem with it, do not drive it. Common sense almost always prevails in safety issues. Cutting corners is the biggest factor in safety concerns and the biggest source of problems.  Always prepare for potential emergencies by doing things prepared.  Learn to swim. If possible, obtain first aid or CPR training. Spending a short time such as one weekend of your life in this training could save your life, the life of someone you love or allow you to help a complete stranger and be a hero.

Taking a short course on learning to drive a car, operate a boat or ride a motorcycle can prepare you to drive defensively and foresee problems before they occur. Most insurance plans offer reduced rates to people who have taken approved safety courses.

Problems and accidents can be out of your control but you can do your best to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to act fast in a situation that requires quick thinking. Safety preparedness can save a life.